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About Us

About Pat and Walt and the Sonnenstuhl Family.

Most of you who’ve found us know who we are


lucky-smPat and Walt live in Olympia, WA, and have blackcatenjoyed living in the northwest for over 20 years. Pat was born and raised in Palo Alto, California. Walt was born in Laramie, WY and has lived in ID, CA, WA, MT, and Japan. Walt is the world traveler, at least in his bachelor days. 
Creations Unlimited is a business name Walt coined years ago, and explains very well what Pat and Walt do: Create life ! Pat lgturkeycvssmalland Walt are very proud of their  two sons, Chris and Eric.  Chris teaches at Olympia HS, and continues to be a sports enthusiast.

Chris Sonnenstuhl Leads Co-Ed Softball Team For Nearly Two Decades (Thurston Talk)


maryeric05revEric and Mary married in 2007, and had a wonderful wedding on Orcas Island in the San Juan Islands. In February of 2015. 620982141503_0_ALB3Eric and Mary and
our two grand daughters moved to Dublin Ireland. 
In the fall of 2015 Walt and I visited our family, and spent 5 weeks seeing just about every square inch of Ireland.  I will be posting pictures on my Ireland travel pages.  I also have posted a bunch of photos on a special Facebook group. If you want to see them, let me know.Special photos can be found here.momandmary-smwedding-4wedding-1wedding-3In 2005 Walt and Pat celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary in Dayton WA with family.  7anniv-sm
In 2015 Walt and Pat celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary, and took a trip to Dublin Ireland to celebrate.  With family there, it was a wonderful and exciting trip.
Ireland Travels 2015

Sonnenstuhl Family Photos: June 2007

Art Deco and New Zealand travels
Australia 2003

Sonnenstuhl and Edwards music

Pat and Walt were married in 1965, and have had some enjoyable years on our lifetime journey.  We both share interests, especially all types of music, such as rock and roll, Dixieland and piano. Walt is especially blessed with musical ability, and plays the harmonica, clarinet, saxophone, bass recorder and banjo.  Walt has played music for groups and church services and most recently has discovered Klezmer music.  have a special interest in the Art Deco Period, especially the Roaring 20’s and  1939 World’s Fair. Both have several collections of objects, such as TVs, Hammered Aluminum, records, and California Pottery. 
Pat has for a long time been interested in healthy eating, and enjoys helping women feel empowered to care for themselves by making healthy lifestyle choices. She encourages women to make careful choices, depending upon her individual needs.  Balancing carbohydrates, proteins and the ‘good fats’ to help the body’s hormonal system to stay in balance. A second aspect of eating in a balanced way is developing a positive attitude about food and health. Pat’s lifetime of trying to determine the best way of eating for herself has gone through many evolutions. Knowing true and long lasting weight loss for some folks is no easy task, she has developed a focus on eating in a way that is most helpful for the body.  She has been providing hypnosis for weigh management for the past few years, and has been able to maintain a 40 # weight release herself using hypnosis, body movement and mindfulness. 
Pat is also interested in all aspects of women’s health, most especially the prevention of disease and the maintenance of good health.  Supports her sister midwives in their wish to help empower women to have beautiful births. Midwifery and women’s health care have been a long time interest of Pats. In 1965 Pat graduated from nursing school, and has been working in the field ever since. 
sswc95smPat worked for over 25 years in a variety of settings as a nurse midwife, usually in small practices with one or two other midwives. Settings have included rural areas, home births, birth center births and hospital births. She has worked for an HMO, and for hospitals.patsgrad She remembers many beautiful births, and feels her clients teach her much about birthing and life. Several years ago, Pat is a Certified Hypnotherapist learning with Roy Hunter,MS/CHt (Charles Tebbetts Method), and is currently a Blissborn Hypnosis Educator. 
Pat’s interest in the computer started several years ago when she discovered e-mail and newsgroups.  She became involved with OMUG (Olympia Microcomputer Users Group) in 1997 when her computer expert son moved away to Texas. The group is a great resource for anyone learning about computers, and meets folks at all levels of needs.
Through her interest in computers she expanded her knowledge to include the development of web pages.  Currently she is maintains web pages for a variety of non profit groups and organizations.

Meanwhile, Walt is content with his 3 row Corona 3 typewriter, and only does email in special circumstances.

In her spare time, when not in front of her computer,  Pat can be found: reading, watching TV, writing, spending time with family and friends, and doing special needlework called Bargello.