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Healthy Living and Mindfulness

Pat is an advocate of healthy lifestyle choices. I’ll be adding articles and information that I find helpful.

Pat had been a Slender for Life Health Coach for over 5 years. She released 40 # with this weight hypnosis program, and has maintained this loss for over 5 years. She continues to see clients on an individual basis.  Her focus is on hypnosis and healthy lifestyle choices. Stress reduction is a huge piece of success with this program, as well as hypnosis, healthy food choices and healthy body activity. Contact Pat if you want to learn more about this program.

More can be found about this program at:

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A book I have been reading is worth a gander.  The title is The Mindful Diet. It’s not so much about “diet” as it is about mindfulness and your core values.  The link below also has the meditations that are encouraged, and also in the book. It’s from Duke Integrative Medicine. Let me know what you think.  

The image below about covers it, and is a simple way of doing mindfulness meditation:

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