30 Sep 2015

Health at Every Size Principles

Posted by sonnen6_wp

Health at Every Size Principles


HAES Manifesto


1. Accept your size.   Love and appreciate the body you have.

Self-acceptance empowers you to move on and make positive changes.

2. Trust yourself. We all have internal systems designed to keep us healthy—and at a healthy weight.

Support your body in naturally finding its appropriate weight by honoring its signals of hunger, fullness, and appetite.

3. Adopt healthy lifestyle habits. Develop and nurture connections with others and look for purpose and meaning in your life.

Fulfilling your social, emotional, and spiritual needs restores food to its rightful place as a source of nourishment and pleasure.

4. Embrace size diversity. Humans come in a variety of sizes and shapes.

Open to the beauty found across the spectrum and support others in recognizing their unique attractiveness.