18 Jul 2015

Hypno-Care for Cancer

Posted by sonnen6_wp

Benefits of using Hypnotherapy with your Cancer
At the Physical Level:

  • Pre and Post Surgery Hypnosis can assist for a faster recovery and use of less pain killers.
  • Increasing the efficacy of traditional therapy on the body by lowering stress and worry levels.
  • Lowering stress levels can also diminish side effects (like nausea) from treatment
  • Using Healing Imagery to promote health and wellness in mind and body
  • Strengthening Mind-Body connection

At the Emotional or Psychological Level:

  • Modifying negative thinking patterns
  • Handling emotions more effectively
  • Processing and releasing emotions during the healing journey
  • Exploring and processing subconscious thoughts linked to health
  • Reframing fear to embrace life

Mind-Body Balance happens when all aspects are addressed. I work with the belief that emotions play an important role in our health. To restore balance and wellness in our bodies, we must be willing to let go of the emotional attachment to past experiences. We must be willing to welcome new ways of thinking and feeling. We must believe in ourselves.

Pat is trained as a Complementary Cancer Care Practitioner. She has a background of working with individuals dealing with all aspects of cancer.  With her experiences as an RN, Nurse Practitioner and Hypnotherapist, she brings these skills into play to work with you.
Pat individualized sessions based on your unique needs. 
Pat offers a free introductory consultation to discuss your unique needs. Contact Pat  today at 360-943-8933 or cnmpat@comcast.net


Pat’s Hypno-Care program are about building acceptance and positivity. Just as a negative mind set tends to focus on the worst of experiences or outcomes, a positive mind set focuses on positive outcomes, positive experiences and also empowers us to achieve our goals. A positive mind set can help reduce our perception of pain, and increase optimism and inner strength.
Our bodies immune system is the most powerful weapon we possess in our fight against cancer. It’s well documented that stress reduces the effectiveness of this system. Enhancing your immune system is a crucial part of your treatment plan. Hypnosis, relaxation and stress reduction all help to improve your immune system.
Modern medicine is the best it’s ever been, modern screening, diagnosis and treatment of cancer are central to your recovery. This program is designed to enhance  your current treatment plan
Pat’s understanding of cancer, medical and complementary therapies, and hypnosis assist her to understand your individual needs.
Hypnotic suggestions are offered to strengthen your  immune system, to alleviate anxiety and minimize discomfort. Techniques are used to assist you to develop a stronger ego in maintaining a positive outlook, attitude, and expectation toward healing and recovery.Positive ideas, affirmations, images, and outlook are supported by hypnotic suggestions offered to the conscious and subconscious mind. 

One to one Hypnosis sessions and audio recordings enhance building a positive approach. Hypnotic suggestions focus on healing, comfort, protecting healthy cells/tissues while targeting the cancer cells for the chemotherapy or radiotherapy, boosting the immune system, and enhancing confidence and the power of belief.Your body feeds your mind; your mind feeds your body. Thoughts and feelings, as well as beliefs and attitudes, impact and literally shape aspects of biological functioning. Mind-body approaches like hypnotherapy, strengthen the mental and emotional inner life supporting health and healing.

Most clients say that cancer is a loud wake up call. I can assist you in the process of waking up. You can regain the sense of control.

Contact Pat today at 360-943-8933/cnmpat@comcast.net  and discuss your needs with her.  She sees her clients in West Olympia, Olympia, WA