28 Jul 2015

Hypnosis for Surgery Preparation

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Hypnosis for Surgery Preparation

Hypnosis before breast cancer surgery shows benefits


The use of hypnosis prior to breast cancer surgery reduced the amount of anesthesia administered during the operation, the level of pain reported afterwards, and the time and cost of the procedure, according to a study published online August 28 in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute. (2007)

Each session aimed to increase relaxation, reduce pain, and decrease nausea and fatigue. The researchers then compared the use of pain medications and sedatives during surgery, along with the pain levels and other side effects occurring after the surgery.
Although many people are aware that mental attitude can significantly enhance and hasten healing after illness and surgery, few people know how powerful hypnosis can be in easing the stress of medical interventions before the surgeon has lifted the scalpel.

Research has shown that people who are taught self-hypnosis before surgery are more calm before the procedure, and more relaxed afterwards, and need less medication for pain as they recover.
The induction takes the client through six levels of dissociation, creating an ideal state of detachment in which to rehearse the process of safely engaging with surgical procedures while feeling calm and relaxed.

Repeated use of this technique will ensure that the client will be in an optimum state when the surgery finally happens, and will have the best chance of good and speedy recovery.

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