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Links to Germany

We weren’t able to follow through with our trip to Germany in 2017, but had a wonderful visit with our Ireland family in April. Perhaps someday we will make it to Germany, and accomplish some of our goals. We are heading off to visit next summer !!

  • Bringing Germany Culture and History Alive
  • Meet other Sonnenstuhl families (Walt’s side) , and explore the Kammerer Connection (mom’s side). Visiting Munster and seeing northern Germany.
Randersacker is a municipality located to the south of the city of Würzburg in Franken. Winegrowing has been recorded in this area since the 8th Century and today Randersacker comprises a total of six vineyards situated along the banks of the river Main: Pfülben, Sonnenstuhl, Teufelskeller, Dabug, Lämmerberg and Marsberg. Its top sites include Sonnenstuhl, Teufelskeller and the Grosse Lage-classified Pfülben vineyard. 
Randersacker is a municipality in the district Lower Franconia part of Bavaria. With its long tradition in wine making, Randersacker belongs to the most well-known wine places of Germany. It is a suburb of Würzburg, the capital of Lower Franconia and adjoins to Würzburg boroughs Heidingsfeld, Rottenbauer, Sanderau and Frauenland and to the municipalities of Gerbrunn, Theilheim and Eibelstadt.
Randersacker is located in the south of Würzburg. This part of the Main is called Maindreieck. This term refers to the course of the river, it looks similar to a triangle. The city of Würzburg is about three miles away from the village center of Randersacker.