28 Jul 2015

Smoking Cessation

Posted by sonnen6_wp

Smoking Cessation: Finally a Non smoker !

Pat offers several options for smoking cessation.  She has a powerful and one session program that has successfully broken the smoking habit.

Motivation needed to break the smoking habit ?

In a quiet and restful setting, Pat provides individualized smoking cessation.  She will assist you in learning causes and stopping smoking forever. 

Learn self hypnosis to calm yourself when the desire for a cigarette comes across you.

Programming creates belief.
Beliefs create attitudes.
Attitudes create feelings.
Feelings determine actions
Actions create results.

Hypnosis helps you to change your programming, leading to the actions and results that you are seeking: to be a NON SMOKER.

Pat uses future imaging and parts therapy to help you address your issues.  Pat also provides you with a CD at the end of your sessions to reinforce the private sessions.